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the lady of heaven netflix the lady of heaven release date uk 3th June 2022. Hz. Fatima’s movie The Lady of Heaven, The Lady of Heaven, was canceled as a result of intense reactions from Muslims. Hz. What is the plot of the movie Fatima? Here is the Reacting Hz. Watch Fatima Full Movie

Cineworld, one of the UK’s largest cinema groups, hosted the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Muhammad’s daughter Hz. He had put on a movie full of scandals about Fatima. British Film Company, St. He canceled the movie Fatima after the intense reaction of the Muslims.

Hz. Fatima Movie Caused Reactions

After massive protests against the British company, the film was pulled from the screen just four days after its release.

“Due to recent events regarding screenings of ‘The Lady of Heaven’, we have made the decision to cancel upcoming screenings of the film nationwide to ensure the safety of our staff and customers,” the British Film Company said in a statement.

Hz. Introduction to Fatima Movie DAESH Operations.

HZ. Muhammad’s daughter Hz. The film, which tells the story of Fatima, opens with the terrorist organization DEASH’s attack on Iraq and brings the brutal murder scene of terrorists to the screen.

Hz. Fatima, The Lady of Heaven, The Lady of Heaven Watch Full Movie

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