Love Island Is Gemma Owen Pregnant?


Love Island’s Gemma Owen is facing pregnancy rumours after the latest episode took the internet by storm.

A young Love Island contestant, Gemma Irwin, is currently being welcomed by the public. She is known for appearing in Season 8 and successfully winning the Girls Challenge.

Besides reality TV, she is best known as the beloved daughter of Michael James Owen, a former English footballer who played for Liverpool.

Her father’s reaction to the latest challenge has put the reality TV star in the spotlight. Additionally, texts on the street claimed she was pregnant.

Still, these rumors and reactions have attracted a lot of attention from the Love Island Nova.


Is Love Island Star Gemma Owen Pregnant? Her Baby Bump

No, Gemma Owen from Love Island is not pregnant but is facing rumors of having a baby bump. The gossip started with the reality series episodes where she talks about her plans to have a kid next year.

A 19-years-old youngster is known for being an international dressage rider and the daughter of the former footballer Michael Owen. It all started with Luca from the show announcing, “Gemma wants kids in the next year as well.”

The conversation strikes when Ekin-Su Culculoglu, Tasha Ghouri, and Luca have a chat on the show. The reaction was surprising for most of them and the viewers as well.

Tasha reacted to Luca’s statement by saying, “She wants what?” Luca again replied, “She’s quite mature as well, isn’t she, to be fair.”

Gemma doesn’t have a belly bump, & neither is she expecting a child at the moment, but she seems to have a plan to get pregnant next year.

Moreover, she has shared her baby plans over the show with full excitement. However, following the Twitter reaction, many people were stunned by her decision and plans.

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